Use Case

InterApp technology has a variety of applications, below are some use cases that may inspire

you to create your interactive experience. You can click on the image to
enlarge and use the
InterApp app to experience for yourself.


Dwight Taylor (Interactive Book Cover)


Author/Motivational Speaker wanted to add an interactive competent to the front cover of his book Donin8 Your Day, student edition in order to deliver regular exclusive video content to his readers when viewed through the InterApp app. 


This would maximize the long term value of the book due to the fact that the reader must interact with the book in order to engage with Taylor's exclusive content the relates directly to chapters within the book, as well as share links and other rich media content that fuhrer enhances the readers experience with the book.

Devmo Poster.jpg

SXSW and Devmo Music (Interactive Poster)


Rapper and lyricist Devmo preformed at the 2019 SXSW music showcase and wanted her fans to leave with something memorable.  She used InterApp technology to create interactive posters that showed her latest music video and displayed a link where fans can directly purchase her latest album.


World Invision (Interactive Clothing)


Clothing brands appeal to unique audiences, and graphic tees are great representations of feelings, emotions, lifestyle and ways of life for most people that rock the shirt.  InterApp technology is a great way to add an interactive experience with a clothing brand that can help further the brands message and value proposition.


Fiona MD (Interactive Packaging)


The anti-aging cosmetic market is a very competitive space.  Fiona MD wanted to stand apart from their competitors and add value to their overall brand experience.  They use InterApp technology to make their packing interactive so that users of the product can see before and afters and even watch tutorials on how to best use the product.  

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