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Designing for AR

InterApp was created with the graphic designer, artist and digital artist in mind. Our goal was to create a product that would enable this group to easily embed AR (augmented reality) experiences into their finish artwork.

Graphic designers and artists were the focus point for the production design of this product, because they are the ones who create the visual communication medium to their audience and what better way to enhance that visual communication than with AR.

InterApp's AR platform enables artists and designers to embed interactive experiences into print, packaging, art (canvas prints or photo copies) and apparel graphics (graphic tees). These experiences can be video content such as: how to's testimonials, product features and product reviews, or a message from the founder. A unique animated or 3D experience that enhances the overall messaging for the brand. A photo gallery or look-book that can shows before and afters or showcases additional imagery that just can't appear on the design due to a lack of space, this would be ideal for brochures, one sheets and publication articles or advertisements. Another great enhancement is adding hyperlinks that bring up a unique landing page that compliments the design and AR experience. Graphic designers, artists and digital artists now need to start designing artwork with AR in mind and add design elements that can be experienced through AR for the end user to interact with. If you are a graphic designer, artist or digital artist start thinking about how AR can befit your current scope of work and increase engagements with your audience or clients audience.

If you are interested in utilizing AR technology feel free to check out our home page and learn more about InterApp.

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