Augmented Reality and Visual Display

Currently, we have billboards in all corners of our busy streets displaying 2-dimensional ads of products. These billboards are usually out of reach and even though they often create a larger than life image of products, they can't be compared to the experience augmented reality offers. The feel. Imagine stepping out and finding a virtual display of a car or TV or game console just there on the street and with your phone or other AR equipment you can experience that product like it was right there in front of you.

With augmented reality, the world cup and the champion league trophy could tour many more countries than it does. Placing ads with augmented reality features is indeed the future. It will save time and money for brands and also create a futuristic vibe that most people enjoy. Placing augmented reality ads automatically arise the curiosity of your audience and if the experience is exceptional they are bound to share it across their social media platforms and talk about it with their friends and loved ones.

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