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Watch our 2 min explainer video to learn more.

Turn print, packaging & apparel graphics interactive and increase engagements.

InterApp uses augmented reality to enable graphic designers to enhance their designs by connecting rich media content to pre-existing print graphics, with our
easy to use web based platform.


When a consumer uses our app to interact with
your interactive content

Watch exclusive
video content:

How to’s, testimonials, product
reviews and and more.


View or scroll a:
Photo gallery or look book.


Animation and 3D Content
(3D coming soon)

Be directed to an
exclusive web-page to:

Purchase, sign-up, browse and or take a quiz/survey.


Click to:
Call, email or interact with your social media page.


The fusion of digital and print


With the old way, designers can only design visual graphics that are static and passive  for a consumer

(end user) to  view.


With the new way, easily transform your visual graphics into dynamic interactive experiences

for the consumer (end user)

to engage with, by connecting

rich media content to

pre-existing print graphics.


As a freelancer, you can up-sale this as a service. As in-house designer, increase engagements and further your brands message and value proposition.

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