Transform your print, packaging & apparel graphics into engaging interactive experiences.

InterApp enables designers to easily add a WOW factor to all of your printed graphics with
no technical skills necessary.


The fusion of digital and print

With the old way, designers can only design visual graphics that are static and passive  for a consumer

(end user) to  view.

With the new way, easily transform your visual graphics into dynamic interactive experiences

for the consumer (end user)

to engage with, by connecting

rich media content to

pre-existing print graphics.

As a freelancer, you can up-sale this as a service. As in-house designer, increase engagements and further your brands message and value proposition.

How consumers can engage with your interactive content

When the end user downloads our free consumer driven app to interact with your design they can:


Watch exclusive
video content:
How to’s, testimonials, product
reviews and more.

Browse exclusive
 web content:
Purchase, sign-up, browse and or take a quizz/survey.

Swipe exclusive:
Photo galleries or look book.

Click to exclusive:
Hyperlinks to call, email or interact with your social
media pages.

View exclusive:
Animation and 3D content


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This is how easy it is to transform
your graphics into interactive experiences

Step 1:

Convert your Photoshop, Illustrator or Indesign files into a JPEG or PNG and upload it to the wizard.

"What kind of design can I upload?"

You can upload your flyer/postcard design, your brochure design, your poster art and your t-shirt graphics.

Step 2:

Connect your video or animation. Upload images for a photo gallery. Input hyperlinks and custom buttons.

"What kind of animation can I use?"

You can use any animated GIF and any transparent animated Gif.

"How does the hyperlink work?"

A hyper link can pull up a unique webpage or generate a phone call or email when clicked.

We do have tutorials on best practices
using animated Gifs and hyperlinks.

Step 3:

You can launch the InterApp app and point it at your computer screen to preview the campaign and insure it works the way you want.

"What if I have any trouble making my campaigns"

Our tutorial library has easy to follow videos to guide you through using and creating on the platform.  We are also available by web chat to assist you .

Step 4:

Your visual graphic is now active in the InterApp domain and the rest of the world can start interacting with your content.

"How does the consumer know
the graphic is interactive?"


For any printed graphic, we recommend that you incorporate our call to action into the design, which you can find by clicking here.

You can also announce to your audience via social media or newsletter that you have exclusive interactive content for them to engage with when they use InterApp.  

Features of Our Content Creator
What are competitor do not offer


You no longer have to have a huge budget to create an AR experience.

Responsive support

If you have any questions or need help creating compelling campaigns we are available 24/7.

Mobile Friendly

Easily create interactive content from your mobile device. No need to be at your desktop, create

on the go!

This is why 1000's of designers are using InterApp
to transform their graphics into interactive experiences


Our two founders
and their vision of InterApp

Will Brown, CEO

"I created InterApp as a means of bringing excitement back to the print industry. After owning and operating 2 print shops for 15 years I wanted something new and innovative to offer my customers that would add a wow
factor back to print & design."

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Mike Nguyen, CTO

"As a print designer and web developer I created InterApp as a way of bringing these two worlds I'm passionate about together. Print is not going anywhere; everyday you see it, hold it and touch it. Why not interact with it."

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